Today I found the Best seller on etsy for your Christmas choices or your any anniversary gifts.

These bracelets are handmade and unique and meaningful enough for giving as a gift to your loved people.

They are all made by leather, real leather.

Etsy is a handmade crafts marketplace to buy custom gifts.

Here introduction for you something good, something best, something unique and something important.


1. These two bracelets are for couples, made by real leather at dark brown tan color with silver plates and custom anniversary date on the metals.

And they are adjustable band, for mostly wrists use.

There are three metal colors for choosing: silver, copper and gold.

there are two real leather band for choosing: dark brown & black

This bracelet include two stripes,  braided round rope and flat real leather.

couples bracelets leather

couples bracelets leather


2. Leather Bracelets for couples Bracelets

These bracelets made from Spain, at high real leather quality for couples.

The metal parts made by silver and also as a clasp to hold two terminal parts together.

The band is not adjustable but you can choose from 5.9″~8.7″.

Meaningful gifts for husband and wife, grandpa and grandma.


leather bracelet for couples

leather bracelet for couples


3. Hope love faith leather bracelet

these two bracelets have two color: black & brown

there are hope love faith cut metal parts insertion on the leather tape.

The metal parts made by three color: sterling silver, gold filled, rose gold filled.

The closure style is metal button, but you can choose the band size from 5″~9″ or any other sizes.

The great best gift idea for couples anniversary.

Hope love faith leather bracelet

Hope love faith leather bracelet


4. Custom leather Bracelets for couples

These two Couples Bracelets made by real leather, brown and black.

has two strips, braided leather.

There are brass metal hand stamped letters or numbers or symbols into the metal parts, and then

use the hammer into the real leather tape.

The closure style is adjustable for any wrists.

If you are boyfriend girlfriend, that is the best gift idea for your anniversary or Christmas gifts choices.

Custom leather Bracelets

Custom leather Bracelets


5. Personalized bracelets for men

This is the single braid leather bracelet.

and custom engrave the coordinates on the metal parts.

If you like simple style and have limit budget, this is the great idea to buy for your loved one.

personalized bracelet for men

personalized bracelet for men


6. Storyteller Message Bar bracelet

This unique leather bracelet is for men.

You can ask for custom coordinate the bar.

It is also represent your loved one in long distance relationship with you.

Of cause you can choose your suitable band size from 6″~10″

These real leather is fantastic at high quality i can see.

storyteller message bar bracelets

storyteller message bar bracelets


7. Couples bracelets couples goals relationship

These couples bracelets are made by metal and leather.

the whole metal bangle is for women/girl

the metal plus leather bracelet is for men/boy

You can ask for custom your own roman numerals for hand stamp letter by letter into the metal parts.

This is couples goals gifts best gift idea for Christmas. you can take it into your wish list.

The bracelets are adjustable for any wrists.

There are two colors for the leather: dark brown / black

Also you can choose three metal colors: rose gold / gold / silver

The best gift idea for couples anniversary.


Couples bracelets couples goals

Couples bracelets couples goals