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Mens Bracelet, GPS Bracelet, Engraved bracelet, Coordinate bracelet, Letters bracelet, Personalized Gift


Mens GPS bracelet by fully handmade!

It is also called Location bracelet, coordinate bracelet, latitude bracelet, longitude bracelet by hand stamping letters into the metal bar.

It is metal  bar bracelet with a brown leather, 1 strand rope bracelet for men.

It is also a best jewelry gift for papa, father, boy friend.

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You may be curious about how would this custom bracelet made?
We want to let you know as below steps.
Firstly we have lines on the copper sheet, and hand cute metal bars by the old days cutter manually.
Secondly, we take the stamping kit out and put the metal bar on the desktop, then stamping and stamping.
Thirdly, we draw the colors into the bar metal and letters, word, wipe out the dark section.
Lastly, we polished the bar metal by the steel ball.
We combine all the pendants and charms together with different colors leathers.
So we finished the handmade latitude longitude bracelet in unique style for you.
We accept any order that need personalized of hand stamping location, date, heart sign, animal sign, Gps sign.

Please kindly leave any letters you want us to hand stamped into.

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