Update: 10, Apr, 2014

wholesale infinity charms, findings, craft supplies in silver and bronze colors:

infinity symble wholesale

infinity symble wholesale


Update: 25, Nov, 2013

Today we made out a fresh video you, this new tutorial teach you how to make an infinity leather bracelet by yourself.

We must say that the single bracelet of infinity leather bracelet is the easiest  kind of bracelets to handmade it out!

These words may encourage you to make an infinity bracelet right away! is that right?

Okay, let’s see the Tutorial now:



Many girls want to handmade something these days.

Yes, Veronica provide nice tutorial for you.

Today I want to write a article about how to make an infinity leather bracelet.

I will make a video for this tutorial and will paste it here.







You can see we use the pure copper silver plated extended chain no cut points with the chain, no scrap, very stable.

For the raw materials, they are as below showing: