Many many girls or boys, women or men like the nature and handmade things, like handmade bags, handmade necklace, handmade bracelet, handmade flower, handmade earrings etc.

Some people do not know how to do it and go to the website to search the Tutorial of how to make a bracelet or necklace and which tools should use to make them out.

Infinity & Love Charm Bracelet--Antique Silver Braided Bracelet--Wax Cords Rose Imitation Leather-Personalized Jewelry Friendship Charm Gift

Infinity & Love Charm Bracelet–Antique Silver Braided Bracelet–Wax Cords Rose Imitation Leather-Personalized Jewelry Friendship Charm Gift


eiffel tower pendant

eiffel tower pendant


40*15mm-Love Arc Vintage Alloy-Bracelet supplies--Antique Bronze-Discount Wholesale Price-10pcs/lot

40*15mm-Love Arc Vintage Alloy-Bracelet supplies–Antique Bronze-Discount Wholesale Price-10pcs/lot

23*12mm-Copper Moon Vintage Alloy-Bracelet supplies--Antique Bronze-Discount Wholesale Price-30pcs/lot wine wax cord bracelet necklace supplies korea imitation leather cord for bracelet suppliesbracelet tools pliers wholesale



Some people go to Etsy to buy a finished one but some people searched out how to do one.

Different people have different choice and experiences.

People like unique signs and like custom things. After they bought the finished one, next time they may buy the raw materials to do it by themselves.

That’s amazing things and satisfaction they experienced when they done a unique bracelet or necklace or other things they preferred!

Let’s talk about the bracelet, that include the Single Bracelet and Charm Bracelets.

Actually said, there is not so difficult to make a Single Bracelet, yourself can do it out!

But if you want to do a Charm Bracelets , you may ask a helper to assist you to complete the charm bracelet.

It is more difficult to do a charm bracelet, but not said it not easy to do one.

Turn to Pretty will make Tutorials for your viewing and watching, not only the photos showing the steps but also we make unique fresh video on youtube for your learning.

We hope you can like our Tutorials and our website.

Just remember: do it yourself , enjoy yourself!


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