Update: 4 Sep, 2020

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Update: 30  Oct, 2019

Christmas is coming sooner and sooner.

Our orders are getting more and more.

For holiday gifts, have you got something new ideas this year 2019?

We only do Personalization bracelets jewelry at present, and do not have the plan to expand the range.

Mostly are handmade still, 80% are real leather two strips bracelets, with metal sheets hand stamped styles.

20% are made by wax cords at single strip, they are all adjustable to the most wrists.

We hope our specialization helped you.

If you want custom handmade bracelets for your loved ones, and remember us turntopretty.com that is great!

Turntopretty is a brand was already resigered tm in domestic US since 2017.

We hope to bring you new designs at 2020.

We have confidence to do the small handmade creative jewelry business better and better.

Hope you all enjoy shopping on etsy and our website turntopretty.com for this Christmas!


Update: 28  Oct, 2019

New orders made out now!

We taken short video and uploaded to youtube as below:

The Best sellers

matching couples bracelets

matching couples bracelets


personalized bracelet



Update: 21  Oct, 2019

New orders made out today.

We made new videos about the custom orders that we sell on etsy.com the most important and big handmade marketplace for handmade crafts.

We handmade the leather & metal complex bracelets based on dark brown and black leather band, two strips.

We hand stamped all the metal sheets parts, and then install them into the leather bands.

here below is the newest video for your reference.

And the best seller is https://www.etsy.com/listing/636501567/personalized-couple-bracelets-couple?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=couples+bracelet&ref=sr_gallery-1-8&organic_search_click=1&frs=1&bes=1&col=1 You can buy directly from the market place.



We publish Couples Bracelets sets regularly.

We make personalized couples bracelets mostly.

And we sell customized couples bracelets for free shipping.

Today we publish these items here:


Personalized Couples Bracelets

Personalized Couples Bracelets


personalized bracelet



Custom Couples bracelets, Roman numeral Bracelets, Personalized bracelets

Custom Couples bracelets, Roman numeral Bracelets, Personalized bracelets


CUSTOM Hand stamped bracelets

CUSTOM Hand stamped bracelets