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  • The Truth About Love, and the way to form it Last

    The Truth About Love, and the way to form it Last We all know that the start of relationships are often amazing and intense: you can’t stop brooding about each other , you can’t take your hands

  • Custom leather Bracelets

    Relationship Bracelets leather Bracelets Best seller etsy

    Today I found the Best seller on etsy for your Christmas choices or your any anniversary gifts. These bracelets are handmade and unique and meaningful enough for giving as a

  • magnetic bracelet

    NEW!Two bead magnetic couples Bracelets, turntopretty

    Where to buy magnetic bracelets for couples? See this video if it is what you want style.  

  • buy from turntopretty coupons

    New Coupons 2020

    We have new coupons for discount, see the below photo.

  • polish the metal sheet

    How to polish small metal parts for making jewelry at home in one minute?

    Following last tutorial, we create the next step by video uploaded to youtube. We are going to show here step by step.   1. we hand stamped words, letters or

  • how to hand stamp metal plate

    How to hand stamp a metal plate for making a bracelet 2020

    We made a new video teach you how to hand stamp a metal plate for making a bracelet. If you want to start a new small business on etsy or

  • COVID-19

    We come back!

    During these several months, we just come back for all customers and orders! thank you for all your support for our business! From now on 18 Aug, 2020, we start

  • Personalized Couples Bracelets

    Couples Bracelets Sets, Personalized Bracelets

    Update: 4 Sep, 2020 New coupons & any inquiry please contact by Whatsapp: +1 6262650360         Update: 30  Oct, 2019 Christmas is coming sooner and sooner. Our

  • how to make hand stamped metal cuff at home

    How to make personalized bracelet cuff at home?

    Long time no writing something useful here. Today I want to write something about how to handmade a personalized bracelet cuff for women, girls at home. You know now it

  • mama bear baby bear necklace

    Top Mothers Day Gift idea 2017

    As the owner of Turntopretty.com, I would like to recommend Top Mothers Day Gift 2017. Nowadays, some people browse on Pinterest to get idea, to Facebook to get group shop