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  • mama bear baby bear necklace

    Top Mothers Day Gift idea 2017

    As the owner of Turntopretty.com, I would like to recommend Top Mothers Day Gift 2017. Nowadays, some people browse on Pinterest to get idea, to Facebook to get group shop

  • Couples leather bracelets, personalized couples bracelet, couples gift, leather bracelets for him

    Oh, Christmas Orders~

    This month, Turntopretty increased 30% orders and still in increasing each day! Want to know which items or categories are most hot? Yeh, we are eager to let you know

  • roman-number-bracelet-couples-bracelet

    Where to get jewelry engraved?

    Where to get jewelry engraved? It’s better get the engraved jewelry online. Often, we go to etsy or search by google. You can type: where to get jewelry engraved Then

  • infinity-charms

    Wholesale Craft Supplies Charms pendants, making things at home!

    Hi all visitors and customers, we turntopretty.com decide to post anything new craft supplies charms pendants here, for the convenience for you all to see what’s new and to buy.

  • hand-stamp-supplies-alloy-bar

    How to Hand stamp your own Bracelet Necklace?

    Update date: 11 July, 2014 These are engraved by machine. These matching couples bracelets are handmade, by antique silver color, the best jewelry gift for couples, best friends, classmates etc.

  • braided leather brown

    Braid leather cord, Wholesale Craft supplies, Turntopretty

    Update: 5, Oct. 2014 There are 3 more hot braided leather coming, see below photo,   ____________________________________________________________________________________ Update: 26, Apr. 2014 Mint leather cord, mint green braided leather cord for

  • gold-monogram-necklace

    Monogram necklace gold silver selling on TurnToPretty

    This year, we are going to expand our products line. Such as bangle bracelets and monogram necklace, or nameplate initial necklace. We already uploaded some gold monogram necklaces to turntopretty.com,

  • leaf-bracelet-wire-bracelet

    We made out some new items of bangle bracelets or saying wire bracelets

    Hello budies! Happy new year for our 2014! We handmade out some new style of bracelets of made of by 16Gauge wire and have no fading feature, we called bangle

  • pink-sister-bracelets-double-heart-charms

    How to do a sister double heart charm bracelet? Buy Sister Bracelets on TurnToPretty.com

    Update: 22, Mar,2014 Hi good weekend! We made out the tutorial of how to make a sister heart to heart charm bracelet as a jewelry gift for her. Buy a

  • middle-Brown-Imitation-leather-wholesale

    Where to buy Korea Imitation Leather strand online?

    Update: 15, Apr. 2014 Mint imitation leather cord, red imitation leather cord and dark purple leather cord wholesale craft supplies, see below new items came in! see more imitation leather